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Handcrafted Fashion Handbags & Accessories

Obi Lane offers exquisite handcrafted handbags and scarves for day and evening use. Handmade by professional fashion designer, Diane Dobson, handbags and scarves can be individually ordered to suit specific outfits and styles using supplied fabrics and trims if required.

Diane can also repair vintage beaded handbags and jewellery.

Diane gathers her inspiration from the materials themselves, with a natural ability to recognize the best combinations of textiles, design, colour, and adornments, to create her unique fashion evening bags, tote bags and scarves.

Obi Lane fashion accessories attract attention and are perfect for the most stylish occasions.

Fashion & Craft Exhibitions

Throughout the year, Diane Dobson exhibits at major Art & Craft Shows and local exhibitions throughout Sth East Queensland.

She displays and sells her items through her Etsy Site.

Diane trades under the name Obi Lane which relates directly to her early years in Maleny, where she grew to love the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life which she was privileged to experience as a child.

For sales and more information about
Obi Lane custom fashion designs,

or visit her Online Etsy shop.

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